Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

The Iron Cage Recreated

Edited by Derek Gill
The Iron Cage Recreated Performance measurement affects everyone. There are strong views on the role of performance measures and whether measurement actually improves performance.  A senior former Cabinet minister observed that “no-one in their right mind” would rely on New Zealand government management reporting. But relatively little is known about how performance measures are actually used by governments around the world.  Even less is known about how they are used in New Zealand.

Recreating the Iron Cage explores the results of a major three-year research project on the use of performance information in the New Zealand state sector by a team of academic researchers and public officials. It examines the formal design of the performance management system, how this system has evolved over time, and uses survey and case study evidence to show how performance information has been used in state sector organisations.

The title of this book reflects the surprising research finding that while there is much dull compliance, performance information of various kinds is actively used by decision-makers at all levels of executive government.  This information is not, however, used in the ways envisaged by the designers of the formal system. The book concludes with proposals for ongoing development of performance management in New Zealand.


ISBN: 978-1-877347-41-2
Published in March 2011

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