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Retirement Income Policy and Intergenerational Equity

Retirement Income Policy and Intergenerational Equity

Population ageing is widely recognised as a major issue throughout the world. A crucial implication of ageing is its impact on retirement income policy. Having a reliable income in retirement or being able to look forward to a comfortable standard of living is important for everyone. It is not just a concern for older or even middle-aged people.

Retirement income policy raises questions of fairness and intergenerational equity. Whether a tax-funded pension system is sustainable depends on the balance between the number of recipients and the number of taxpayers who can contribute to it. If the financial support of pensioners is indeed a ‘burden’, then how could that fiscal burden be shared between current and future taxpayers, and pension recipients?

These and related issues are discussed in Retirement Income Policy and Intergenerational Equity in a series of papers from a wide range of perspectives. These papers were originally presented at a conference run by the Institute of Policy Studies, with the support of the Retirement Commissioner, in July 2010.

ISBN: 978-1-877347-42-9
Published in November 2010

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