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Making Energy Work: A sustainable energy future for New Zealand

Making Energy Work: A sustainable energy future for New Zealand

Energy is at the core of modern life. We use energy to make our goods, do our work, grow our food, keep ourselves warm, light out streets and homes, access a wide range of services and entertain ourselves – and travel around our towns, our country and our world. The supply – and cost – of energy is of great importance, not just to remote policy makers in Wellington but to all of use in our everyday life.

This short book examines how New Zealand can increase its energy sustainability – both in the sense of ensuring adequate energy to meet economic and social needs, and in the sense of energy that is environmentally sustainable.

The book draws on the wide range of expertise brought together during June, July and August 2006 when the Institute of Policy Studies held a series of roundtable discussions on energy sustainability. These discussions brought together about 60 of New Zealand’s leading energy specialists and stakeholders – from business, the public sector, the research community and non-governmental organisation – as well as overseas experts. This volume reflects the themes and issues discussed at these meetings.

ISBN: 1877347175
Published in March 2007

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